KODA (aka Keep On Destroying Amens) is an American music producer, DJ, & MC; who started working in the music industry at the age of 15. He began DJing and producing after being introduced to the rave scene, starting off as a promoter, and moved into becoming a DJ. He started by playing house and techno, but quickly migrated to jungle based on his love for Hip Hop and Electronic based music. He always was fascinated by music, having come from a musical family. He then began to produce his own music and gain recognition for his DJing style and beats.

Today KODA runs and operates "45Amp Recordings", a small independent multi genre record label, where he focuses his energy releasing his music both digitally as well as physically (CD, Dubplates, Vinyl Records). He also created Urban Drums, a DJ crew and once weekly party which was held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Among other creations, He is known for Based On Bass which was an online music e-zine and forum, which helped tie together his music projects and events.

As a producer, KODA is the San Francisco Bay Area's original Ragga-Jungle producer who has produced tracks and dubplates for the past 14+ Years. KODA's Dubplates have made an outstanding mark in the world wide Ragga, Jungle, and Drum And Bass scene. His tracks are played by well known DJ's and Producers world wide and have been featured in several magazines, music sites, commercials, movies, and blogs. However never painted in a box, KODA's music circles many genres!

KODA also focuses on Turntablism and DJ Arts; behind the decks he brings DJ sets to another level Integrating original his music and turntablism in to the mix. He is also know for his underground hip hop production and has hosted several beat tapes (several volumes) & podcasts labeled "DITC Sessions". All of these elements echo through out all of his tracks, be that Hip Hop, Breaks, Drum and Bass, and more; as they take on strong Hip Hop, Jazz, and Middle Eastern sounds which wrap themselves into a sound that is sure to catch the ear and scream for rewinds.

So what does KODA stand for?

KODA is the name you'll see on flyers and all productions; spelled with all caps. However the name is often tied to "Keep On Destroying Amens" which is in direct reference KODA's work with amen samples, drum and bass, Ragga Jungle, and high BPM tracks. It is also the name of a series of releases which have been released via 45Amp Recordings in volumes (Keep On Destroying Amens Vol. x)

Other notable meanings include:

  • "Keep On Dropping Anthems"
    "Keep On Dropping Albums"
    "Keep On Drinking Alcohol"
    "Kreator Of Destructive Arts"